Who Should Be the First to Take the Initiative in Dating Online

It seems that in the modern world it doesn’t really matter. Some people even raise their children as gender natural. Moreover, the Internet itself is a very democratic place. But according to statistics, most men absolutely do not mind when the girl is proactive on the dating platforms. Meanwhile, due to long-established stereotypes, not all women are active when they see a proper candidate.

Earlier very persistent women were not approved by society. Now people are quite open to experiments. Girls are more free and self-confident. After all, many men are just shy to start a conversation first. There are many reasons for this: f. e. fear of rejection or mocking. Often, men are confused when they come across a very beautiful girl.

Some important tips to start dating online:

  • What prevents the ladies start a conversation with a man? Probably, parents’ words from childhood: it is forbidden to communicate with strangers. But you must understand that in case of the failure you lose nothing. After all, chat with a nice guy may result in a warm meeting or wedding.
  • Speaking to the new person first, you should immediately feel his/her reaction. Literally, in the first few minutes of communication, you will understand how your possible partner treats you, what you feel about this situation. Only through such direct interaction will you know what the IQ of this man/woman is and what common interests you have. In five minutes you decide for yourself whether you need to continue these relations or not.
  • If you are a boring type of personality, better observe and wait. After all, not everyone is ready to read awkward messages and strange jokes.
  • Some girls can understand from a profile on a dating site what real intentions of the participant are.  Therefore, it is wiser not to rush with private info, even if he is really the macho of your dreams. You should not try by all means not to miss him. It is better to let events develop gradually. Thus, at the beginning of the chat, it is not necessary to take initiative. At the same time, you should not miss the opportunity. People are not ideal, but you can meet the gentleman with whom you can have a serious relationship. Try to assess the situation correctly.
  • Sometimes it is reasonable to let a man take the initiative himself. It is very useful. A woman can observe the actions of him, read what he is writing and learn what he is doing at that moment. If a man is very persistent, it’s not always a very good sign.
  • If a man, on the contrary, does not show activity, it means you need to think before you take your own initiative in relation to him. So, you need to evaluate all the pros and cons as well as the level of your common interests. Maybe he is shy to make the initial step, or maybe he just does not want a serious relationship.

Good luck!

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