10 Lifehacks how to find a bride online

Every day the Internet is becoming more and more popular. Now you don’t have to go to the store to buy a phone, don’t need to ask people how to find a pizzeria in a city, etc. – all this can be done do it without leaving home, using your gadget.

Thanks to emerging of dating sites like Ladadate and social media, you can now not only get to know each other but also really find your second half. This article will be devoted to the art of love online and finding a future wife. So here we go! Read and make conclusions:

  1. Be attentive in your social media activity. Pay attention to female “friends” and strangers. From their profile, you may find some details about an attractive girl, her age, the city in which she lives, her interests.
  2. In Facebook, you don’t have to ask an awkward question: does she have a boyfriend? Everything has already been written on her page! Then you met my future wife in real life.
  3. The most important thing how your personal page look. Put a high-quality picture on the avatar. It is very important that this photo is adequate (in nature, in the gym, some cool situation, professional photo session).
  4. Don’t disclose to social media pictures where you are drunk.
  5. If you want to get acquainted with a nice lady online, you should not post photos on any avatars in which you are photographed with some beautiful girls.
  6. On dating sites fill in the information about yourself without errors and misprints. Remember: it is better not to write anything than to put down some nonsense or an abusive joke. If you have a sense of humor, show it!
  7. Do not publish snotty statuses – anywhere!
  8. If you decide to meet a female stranger on the Internet, first examine her profile if it is realistic. Very often surfing through myriads of profiles online you can see seemingly promoted, “live” pages, depicting girls with an impressive 4th breast size. It is very likely that these are “fake” pages for luring kind men. The purpose is obvious: to get their money.
  9. Check out this girl’s photo albums for how she responds to comments from other users. If her status appears on the wall template, records, if most of her friends – obviously fake accounts, then this girl is not real.
  10. Try to show your sense of humor (I hope you have it :)), find out if you have common interests. If your communication has grown into something more than friendly if you cannot spend the day without communicating with each other, ask the girl her phone number. Well, by phone you can offer to meet somewhere in real life.

If you are looking for a bride on dating sites, don’t pay attention to obviously promoted beauties. Girls who have a lot of followers, most likely will not have much time to communicate with you, as they chat simultaneously with several guys.

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