Essential Dating Advice for Men

Online Dating Advice for Men: Tips, Tricks, Advantages & Drawbacks

It’s so confusing when you have to listen to dozens of experts among your family members and friends when you get interested in online dating and matchmaking in general. The funniest and most awkward thing here is that most of them are not happy in a current relationship, which makes their opinion worthless.

It’s high time to start controlling your private life on your own and find out about the opinion of those who deal with online matchmaking daily.

Not every trick pays off, and not every single piece of advice should be taken too seriously. You know, there’s nothing wrong with your friends trying to share their experience – you can also find it useful. It’s just that dating advice should be more fruitful and sufficient.

Let’s have a look at some of the dating rules for men in 2020 and analyze the most unpredictable situations you can find yourself in.

Dating Advice for Men: Dating Tips to Avoid

We are sure your friends do not want to harm you while sharing the dating advice for men they consider appropriate. But they often manage to give you the wrong pieces of advice that you can listen to but better never use.

«Keep It Real»

It’s one of the worst tips if you don’t consider the context. Being yourself is one of the worst dating tips for men and women in 2020. If you don’t manage to build a strong relationship with a single woman, it means that being yourself does not longer work as a sensible strategy. It’s time to alter something in your life and have a more precise look at the following issues:

  • It looks like you’re either lazy or not ready to bring up some change and spice your everyday life. It’s an evident fact that your professional and communication skills will never develop if you’re more interested in spending time surfing the net and watching senseless videos.
  • You are sure that the other people’s views on life do not make you interested. You are not ready to accept anyone in your life just because you are afraid of someone with the other background and education.
  • Your intellectual abilities may be fine, but your interest in further development and self-improvement is weak to broaden your social circle.

Understand that being yourself means staying the way you are. Of course, being yourself is not about pretending someone else – it’s about demonstrating your best qualities. No one deserves to face the drawbacks of your personality. Stay yourself, but stay the best part of yourself.

“Never Pay”

Definitely, this advice is quite sensible. Nevertheless, there are things that you should understand and accept.

  • If you are the one to arrange a date and invite a woman to a luxurious restaurant, it’s your obligation to pay for it. If a woman insists on a date, you do have the right to discuss the separate bills for dinner and entertainment.
  • Don’t be cheap and pay for her coffee. It’s not that much of a financial burden.
  • If a woman demonstrates no hesitation ad pays for herself without any preliminary discussion, treat her with something insignificant to demonstrate that you’re not cheap. Buy her a cocktail or a bunch of flowers.

Don’t go too far when it comes to financial questions. Most online dating advice implies the fact that there’s nothing wrong with paying for a taxi or for a glass of wine.

IMPORTANT! If you’re dating a single mother, you’d better pay for the date because she has already paid for the babysitter. Show that you care, paying for her brunch, lunch, or dinner.

“Get to the Cinema”

It’s a terribly wrong piece of online dating advice for men. Aim to interact with your new partner eye-to-eye in a relatively quiet and comfortable atmosphere. You’ll have to:

  • Reveal your personalities to each other;
  • Show your best qualities;
  • Learn to talk and listen to each other;
  • Study each other’s communication patterns and body language;
  • Demonstrate trust and sincerity.

As soon as you understand that you are emotionally attached to each other, it’s high time to demonstrate some physical signs of attention to the woman who fancies you.

The best options for an intimate and comfortable communication are:

  • Bars, cafes, pubs, food courts, and coffee houses;
  • Wine tasting events;
  • Museums and art galleries;
  • Hookah lounges.

Any place that promotes conversation will do. A cinema or theatre is distracting, which ruins the whole communication aspect.

Dating Advice for Men: Intimate Issues & Sex Matters

Sex is one of the vital parts of our lives. Regular sex makes us more energetic, concentrated, and healthier. It’s not only about pure physical pleasure – it’s about sharing the energy with each other. The following bits of dating advice might come in handy:

  • Sex is highly important, but it will deliver more pleasure and enjoyable memories only if you find the right person. Concentrate on a personality first, and don’t push it. The more profound your integration is, the deeper sensations you’ll experience at the climax.
  • Check whether you have mutual chemistry, and don’t hesitate to do what you think is right. Hug her shoulders in a maximum polite way just to see the reaction. Join a dance club to have a chance to get closer to each other physically without any obscene pretext. This way, you’ll manage to understand whether a woman enjoys your touches or not.
  • There’s nothing wrong if both of you mutually decide to have sex at the end of the first date. If you and your partner are resourceful people of a fearless sort, just give it a go! Stop following the misleading social stereotypes and presets of your elderly parents.

Two people feel comfortable in a relationship when they are evenly tied up emotionally and physiologically. Of course, the mental and emotional aspects are more important. Nevertheless, mutual chemistry and sexual appeal stand in second place.

First Date’s Kisses: More Dating Advice to Follow

Imagine that you’ve been texting via an online dating site and calling each other for a month. You feel like you are real soulmates, and it seems that at least kissing on the first date is inevitable. Both of you might be craving for it. You are surely very nervous about the whole situation, but there are key points to memorize before you put on your best clothes and buy a little memorable present.

  • Women feel uncomfortable about men pushing the relationship too hard. Usually, a relationship like this ends in failure. Everything should be mutual, starting from the choice of entertainment and finishing with intimate moments like kissing. Don’t make a woman kiss you if she feels reluctant. If she agrees to date you, it means that she already likes you. Give her some time.
  • Kissing a woman on the cheek is normal, even for friends. Don’t hesitate to demonstrate this sign of courtesy when you meet her and when you say her good-bye. It’s an intimate and friendly act at the same time. A simple kiss like this will help you see her reaction: the way her lips move, the way she turns her face to you, and the time she lets you do the kissing.

Dating Advice for Men: Online Behavior Strategies

One of the worst things your friend could advise you is to send as many messages filled with love and attention as it is possible. Any reasonable woman will tell you it’s one of the most irrational dating rules for men. What about being reasonable and start with the following pieces of online dating advice in 2020?

  • Excessive texting will screw things up. There’s nothing wrong in a good-morning message, but you shouldn’t text her too often not to be annoying. There are many men who will agree that women texting men too often are annoying as well. Too many messages are intruders of personal space. Besides, they will distract your potential partner, preventing her from work. Preserve the best words and conversation topics for a live date.
  • Don’t spy on your potential partner online, checking each of her new and old friends, and searching for her possible exes. A new relationship should have an intrigue in the base so that you could communicate with interest. Besides, her friends and long-time acquaintance are out of your business. Accept it.
  • Please, limit yourself to one short romantic message a day. Your lovey-dovey behavior will make you look like a maniac with severe hunger for a relationship. It will create the reputation of a desperate person ready to do anything for a tiny sign of attention from the side of a female.

Don’t go too far with romantic messages and gifs. Yes, you should demonstrate your interest and make her remember about your presence in her life. However, too many messages will spoil your reputation. Nevertheless, it will be polite from your side to:

  • Notify her about the changes in your plans;
  • Call and text to inform her about the traffic jams you get stuck in if you’re late for a date;
  • Inform her about positive or negative life events in your life so that she could be prepared for your behavior.

If you feel overwhelmed with emotions, better make a call, but don’t forget to write her a short message first. Be polite, informative, and consistent.

Dating Advice №1: Be Straightforward About Your Feelings

Speaking out about your intentions will fill your relationship with emotions. Don’t hide away your feelings. Besides, your confession will trigger her emotionality. You’ll have more chances to understand whether you have to continue dating or not.

  • Are you afraid of texting? Ask her for the address and send her a bunch of flowers, a bottle of nice wine, or a soft and fluffy teddy bear.
  • If you not brave enough to reveal your real feelings, start with the basic things. Tell her that you are fond of her choice of music.
  • If you do find one of her character traits appealing, tell her about it. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating her knowledge, talents, sense of humor, and choice of clothes. A discussion like this will quickly lead you to the discussions of your real feelings.

If you manage to speak about your real feelings, you’ll probably provoke her to make a confession as well. Sharing sentiment is a normal thing.

Here’s one More Dating Advice in 2020: Don’t Pretend

There’s no benefit in being pretentious. Yes, concealing your worst qualities is normal. You should develop the best traits of your character and suppress the weakest ones.

  • Be real about what you write, and don’t scan the net for the cheesy one-liners that seem funny to you. Make her feel you’re a real person looking for sincere communication. There’s no need to pretend that you have a sense of humor if you know you don’t have one.
  • Don’t play the role of a bad guy if you’re a modest and shy person. It will show in any case. Consider the fact that many women find it appealing when a strong and muscled man expresses his emotions through tears and sincere thoughts.
  • Don’t forget about your manners, at least until you understand what kind of a woman you are talking to.

Regardless of what your conversation is going into, don’t forget about the best qualities highlighting your personality.

Don’t Keep On a Lame Relationship Running

It’s one of the most substantial pieces of online dating advice in 2020. There’s no need to keep a relationship alive if you feel like it won’t develop.

  • Your communication will never improve if it’s already stuck in a trail;
  • You won’t save this relationship if your interlocutor does not want to accept you because of the religious dogmas;
  • You shouldn’t lose your time because you can invest it in a more decent person;
  • You’re wearing out your emotions.

If someone wants to leave, there’s no need to hold a person back. The absence of common ground is the first barrier to healthier communication.

The best piece of dating advice here is to manage to stay friends. Even when both of you find partners, you will still have something to share and discuss. Every interaction online is a beneficial experience, even if you are not satisfied with it. Patience should become a crucial value.

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