NLP Tips for Online Dating

What can we advise to do and not to do to achieve the best result in online seduction by the power of discourse? Read & practice.

  1. Intrigue. According to translation from the Latin language. “Intrico” means “confusing” – i. e.  achieving a certain goal by manipulating another person. To intrigue, a man is to arouse his curiosity through some words omissions, or ambiguous hints. A woman who can intrigue by some phrases at the beginning of a relationship will always be desirable for a man.
  2. Psychological Association. By asking questions about the happy moments of somebody life, we make vivid pleasant associations. Subsequently, we ourselves begin to cause such pleasant associations in his/her mind, regardless of what we are talking about.
  3. Flirt or “desired flower” from Latin. This is a behavior that attracts attention. This is an intellectual game where with the help of the words, signs, fonts, pictures, expressions, we arouse sexual interest in another person. Flirting consists of four main parts:
  • game;
  • sincerity;
  • improvisation;
  • intrigue.

Then come excitement, independence, quick reaction, humor and apparent indifference to the result. A lady who knows the subtleties of flirting always gets a huge privilege from men over other “ordinary” women.

  1. Self-confidence. It is interesting that according to the results of social surveys of the male population of the planet for 2015, unobtrusiveness is the most important criterion of an ideal woman. This is connected with prehistoric roots of the male conqueror power that still affects modern gentlemen. The ability to be unobtrusive is the ability of a woman to turn communication in such a way that the initiative allegedly comes from me. The whole principle is built on the usual instinct of man to conquest. A woman who knows how to be unobtrusive makes a man feel like a knight or a hunter, which subsequently pushes him to win.
  2. Emotions. Human consciousness is arranged in such a way that it does not remember the events that did not give us emotions. But some impulses may evoke strong positive or negative emotions in the mind of a person, that he/she will remember it for the rest of his life. Partners who can cause strong emotions in our souls by their tender words are remembered throughout our lives. These are fatal women or bastards, bad guys. It’s interesting that even some inmates even provoke kind women to give them money only by writing them such trash as “my baby”, “darling”, “my angel” every day. So be aware of the power of the word.

Now when you know so many secrets, just go ahead!

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