• Initiative

    Who Should Be the First to Take the Initiative in Dating Online

    It seems that in the modern world it doesn’t really matter. Some people even raise their children as gender natural. Moreover, the Internet itself is a very democratic place. But according to statistics, most men absolutely do not mind when the girl is proactive on the dating platforms. Meanwhile, due to long-established stereotypes, not all women are active when they see a proper candidate.

    Earlier very persistent women were not approved by society. Now people are quite open to experiments. Girls are more free and self-confident. After all, many men are just shy to start a conversation first. There are many reasons for this: f. e. fear of rejection or mocking. Often, men are confused when they come across a very beautiful girl.

    Some important tips to start dating online:

    • What prevents the ladies start a conversation with a man? Probably, parents’ words from childhood: it is forbidden to communicate with strangers. But you must understand that in case of the failure you lose nothing. After all, chat with a nice guy may result in a warm meeting or wedding.
    • Speaking to the new person first, you should immediately feel his/her reaction. Literally, in the first few minutes of communication, you will understand how your possible partner treats you, what you feel about this situation. Only through such direct interaction will you know what the IQ of this man/woman is and what common interests you have. In five minutes you decide for yourself whether you need to continue these relations or not.
    • If you are a boring type of personality, better observe and wait. After all, not everyone is ready to read awkward messages and strange jokes.
    • Some girls can understand from a profile on a dating site what real intentions of the participant are.  Therefore, it is wiser not to rush with private info, even if he is really the macho of your dreams. You should not try by all means not to miss him. It is better to let events develop gradually. Thus, at the beginning of the chat, it is not necessary to take initiative. At the same time, you should not miss the opportunity. People are not ideal, but you can meet the gentleman with whom you can have a serious relationship. Try to assess the situation correctly.
    • Sometimes it is reasonable to let a man take the initiative himself. It is very useful. A woman can observe the actions of him, read what he is writing and learn what he is doing at that moment. If a man is very persistent, it’s not always a very good sign.
    • If a man, on the contrary, does not show activity, it means you need to think before you take your own initiative in relation to him. So, you need to evaluate all the pros and cons as well as the level of your common interests. Maybe he is shy to make the initial step, or maybe he just does not want a serious relationship.

    Good luck!

  • Advantages

    5 Advantages of Online Dating Over the Street Meetings

    Each person wants to find a loving, educated, intelligent, and kind companion for life, who can provide a partner and children with a decent, comfortable life. Often, around our everyday scaffolding, we can’t find a proper candidate for strong relations.

    Ask yourself what the percentage of princesses or businessmen you can meet the accounting department of an average sales company or in a branded lingerie boutique, or in a children’s library? Of course, there are such jobs, which provide an opportunity for necessary and fruitful acquaintances. However, unfortunately, the majority of women do not have the opportunity to communicate with decent men every day and vice versa. But do not be upset! Here we come to the help of the 21st age – the century of all kinds of information resources and developed social Internet communication.

    Well, only lazy people haven’t written about dating on the Internet. There are many scientific papers, exploring this phenomenon of our days. It would seem that the virtual space opens up dizzying opportunities for those who are looking for a partner. However, for many, such a way to make relationships connected with a certain skepticism. An American expert in the field of online dating Julie Spira made a list of  5 “pros” to meet somebody special in the virtual world.

    1. More than 40 million single people in the United States tried to find the second half on the Internet. Great argument!
    2. Sometimes people lie, talking about their age, income, marital status, weight, height, and so on. However, one of the five new relations begins online. There are a lot of success stories about this.
    3. Virtual chatting can get over if people never go to real meetings. Some users are obsessed only with one thing: they think that there is a chance to find someone better, more beautiful. This is such syndrome of a “virtual perfectionism.” Nevertheless, the Internet greatly expands your circle of potential acquaintances. In the search for a close soul, you are not limited either by the geographical or social framework. The more people you come across, the better you learn to understand what you really expect from your future partner and possible relationships.
    4. The world of online dating is available to us 24 hours a day. For many, this search turns into a full-fledged job, so you need to be able to organize yourself.
    5. On the most dating sites, there are compatibility programs that help to find out those who obviously do not suit you, and calculate those who meet your needs. Often, clients of such sites specify external parameters such as weight, area of ​​residence, and income. Maybe, they risk missing an opportunity to find a person who is really interesting and intelligent, but at least this is an honest approach.

    Besides, experts advice to consider all options, combining search in real life with hunting for true love in a virtual space.

  • Services

    Top 5 Online Services for Dating

    Of course, you know that there are a lot of dating sites. But you do not even guess what secrets they keep. Let’s discover them together and identify the best of them! A regular dating platform contains profiles of users who simply dream of falling in love, finding a soul mate, successfully getting married, etc. Users, upload their pictures, write “a little about themselves” in the questionnaires, write blogs – all in hope to lure the best partner.

    Most such services are free. But there are also paid options that may require spending some money for profile registration or, for example, setting a monthly “rent” from a visitor. Here is our list of top 5 services on the Internet for finding true love.

    1. BADOO

    This is really the number one. After all, Badoo is a popular portal, which for many years has been on the lists of favorite social media. The multimillion audiences from different countries allow users to communicate without borders in any languages of the world. About 300 thousand people use the platform every day, which increases their chances of a happy marriage.


    Mamba is a network of the best dating sites in Russia while representing potential brides and grooms from the former Soviet Union, Turkey, Spain and other countries.  The establishment has everything for communication and leisure: games, diaries, top 100 popular users section.


    It has been connecting lonely hearts for about 15 years. Here you can start your blog, become popular and find free applications. Here you can easily meet your love. And it does not matter whether you are looking for a person for formal marriage and creating a family, for sex or for companionship.


    This is dating by profession. The portal has a search feature for a  partner on the basis of specialization. If the user wants to find a partner with whom he can discuss professional topics, he definitely needs to try to register on LinkYou.


    Highly popular and effective web establishment. On Teamo a potential partner is chosen for psychological compatibility. The creators of the portal offer users to complete a long test and the results will help to choose suitable candidates for dating. Potential partners should have many common features, so the probability of finding a life partner becomes much higher. The study of the main characteristics of the personality will allow you to create a portrait of a possible spouse. The main focus of the service is dating for serious relationships and creating a family.

    So as you see, all you need is a desire for real changes in your life. Believe in your happy star and you will be lucky to find a very special man or woman.

  • Lifehacks

    NLP Tips for Online Dating

    What can we advise to do and not to do to achieve the best result in online seduction by the power of discourse? Read & practice.

    1. Intrigue. According to translation from the Latin language. “Intrico” means “confusing” – i. e.  achieving a certain goal by manipulating another person. To intrigue, a man is to arouse his curiosity through some words omissions, or ambiguous hints. A woman who can intrigue by some phrases at the beginning of a relationship will always be desirable for a man.
    2. Psychological Association. By asking questions about the happy moments of somebody life, we make vivid pleasant associations. Subsequently, we ourselves begin to cause such pleasant associations in his/her mind, regardless of what we are talking about.
    3. Flirt or “desired flower” from Latin. This is a behavior that attracts attention. This is an intellectual game where with the help of the words, signs, fonts, pictures, expressions, we arouse sexual interest in another person. Flirting consists of four main parts:
    • game;
    • sincerity;
    • improvisation;
    • intrigue.

    Then come excitement, independence, quick reaction, humor and apparent indifference to the result. A lady who knows the subtleties of flirting always gets a huge privilege from men over other “ordinary” women.

    1. Self-confidence. It is interesting that according to the results of social surveys of the male population of the planet for 2015, unobtrusiveness is the most important criterion of an ideal woman. This is connected with prehistoric roots of the male conqueror power that still affects modern gentlemen. The ability to be unobtrusive is the ability of a woman to turn communication in such a way that the initiative allegedly comes from me. The whole principle is built on the usual instinct of man to conquest. A woman who knows how to be unobtrusive makes a man feel like a knight or a hunter, which subsequently pushes him to win.
    2. Emotions. Human consciousness is arranged in such a way that it does not remember the events that did not give us emotions. But some impulses may evoke strong positive or negative emotions in the mind of a person, that he/she will remember it for the rest of his life. Partners who can cause strong emotions in our souls by their tender words are remembered throughout our lives. These are fatal women or bastards, bad guys. It’s interesting that even some inmates even provoke kind women to give them money only by writing them such trash as “my baby”, “darling”, “my angel” every day. So be aware of the power of the word.

    Now when you know so many secrets, just go ahead!